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Conflict Resolution

  Conflicts arise as a way of showing us where change is needed. In this way, conflict is an important process. Confidently expressing and listening to divergent perspectives can lead to stronger relationships and more productive outcomes for teams, families, and businesses. The Open Gate approach to coaching will help you develop the skills you need to navigate conflict and achieve the results you want. You will learn and use best practices in listening, managing, negotiating, and building relationships and teams in which people can be hard on ideas and easy on each other. The coaching model is based on work with individual clients and can be extended to include members of families, working groups, and organizations.  

Conflict Coaching Services


Learn skills for self-empathy, self-reflection, and how to identify specific emotions that relate to your needs.  Improve honest expression, find clarity in making big decisions, and experience greater connection in your relationships.  


Deepen your bonds and attachments through a more mindful approach to your communication. 


Has continued conflict taken up residence in your home?  Does it blow up and consume what could be a productive and peaceful conversation?  Conflict coaching assists families in learning how to have constructive, respectful dialogues that reduce tension and support connection. 


Individual coaching support for teens in learning how to better navigate relationships with parents, peers, authority figures, and friends.