Stay tuned for the launch of our Elder and Adult Family Mediation service Jan.'19!


Too often, disagreement leads to bad outcomes.  An experienced mediator can help you resolve conflict without the expense and trauma of litigation. In court, the parties argue their positions, the court rules, and someone loses— 100% of the time. In mediation, we focus on people not parties.  People express their interests and have the power to invent alternatives that meet everyone’s needs. 

Everyone wins.

At Open Gate, clients participate in a simple process. The mediator will meet with you, separately & together, to identify the priorities and processes that help you meet your needs.  

Contact Open Gate today for a free confidential consultation: You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  

Mediaton services


Even the most amicable co-parenting relationships can experience difficulty when it comes to schedules, holidays, childcare, school choice, and parenting styles.  Mediation can assist parents in conversing peacefully and productively to create clear & doable agreements that benefit the parents and most importantly the children! 


Could your family benefit from better communication?  Family Group Conferencing is designed to support families in listening to each other in ways that allow everyone to be heard. With the support of a neutral third party, decision making, approach, timing, making requests, and expressing needs are some of the skills families can expect to greatly improve in just one session!


 Sometimes a barking dog, a broken fence, an encroaching tree, parking issues, or noise create strain in neighborhoods.  Mediation is an excellent alternative in which neighbors can de-escalate the stress and communicate constructively about their disagreements or disputes in order to create lasting and mutually beneficial agreements.


Mediation is an excellent alternative to the expense and time required to litigate tenant/landlord disputes. Instead, both parties can take part in a having more productive conversations regarding deposits, repairs, maintenance, noise, damages, contracts, and agreements. 

Elder Mediation

Elder mediation helps families to  successfully navigate issues such as caregiving for aging parents,  estate disputes, safety and health concerns, and decisions regarding the  family home and the best place for parents to live. A core value of elder mediation is the protection of the rights and integrity of seniors.