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Meet HALEY PRESTON, Founder and Lead Mediator

     Haley has been helping clients achieve personal and organizational goals for more than 17 years. After studying Sociology at California State University Chico, Haley specialized in health and well-being and established a successful therapy practice based on effective performance and relationship management on California's Central Coast.
      Haley is deeply committed to community.  She is an active mediator in the San Luis Obispo small claims court as well as a council member in the county's first restorative dialogue project for victims and offenders as well as parents and teens. After becoming a Non-Violent Communication trainer with the Oregon Prison Project, she taught restorative dialogue in the San Luis Obispo county women's jail.   
     Along with Haley's extensive experience as a facilitator in high conflict situations, she is an entrepreneur in multiple fields.  Haley founded Open Gate Communication Center as a way to show her care and further bring restorative practices to serve our community in building and maintaining healthy family, personal, and community relationships.





Our work has helped empower conversations, bridge trust, create healthy boundaries, & establish new agreements.


"As a fellow community mediation volunteer with Creative Mediation, at Wilshire Community Services, I have observed Haley's mediation technique first hand. One mediation had a large number of stakeholders with a lot  to say. Haley carefully navigated the meeting, allowing each person  time to share their perspectives, and guiding the mediation process to  stay on course with the agreed-to issues. As often happens with multiple  parties involved, there were multiple differing interests. Haley's  ability to find common interests and stay focused, while gently and  compassionately reminding individuals of their agreement to be  respectful, was the backbone that kept things moving forward. All  parties were grateful for Haley's diplomacy and guiding hand, as she  facilitated the discussion process toward the parties developing their  own solutions. Haley's services for the greater Morro Bay/local Central Coast area will serve the community well."


"I was very relieved after the session. I felt a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. The mediation was done in such a way that no one was put on the spot or got their feelings hurt. Job well done!"

Court Litigant

"Haley did a great job mediating, asking appropriate questions, and assessing underlying issues that likely both parties were disergarding.  Overall, her involvement helped finaliaze an agreement that took over 2 years to achieve. Thank you!" 


"Haley is an intuitive tracker who kindly and considerately guides/leads you towards the epicenter of your challenge. She has been my mediator through both skype and phone sessions and has effectively supported me with business, interpersonal and personal choices and challenges. At the end of every session I have new tools and a refreshed perspective as  well as more clarity in head and heart.  Haley is a natural at staying with the techniques of mediation while she remains present to the intricacies of your emotions and thought process. I'm in awe with how well she is able to do this and come right back to the trickiest aspect of your questions again and again."  

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